About Us

A little about the Owner, After over 30 years in Law Enforcement where I lived and slept the

job I now have more time to do the things I enjoy.

During my career I was awarded Officer of the year a number of times along with an award

for Bravery. I was viewed and respected by my Law Enforcement peers as one of the most no

Nonsense Honest Officers they knew. In-fact they often referred to me as "The In Famous Capt


At present I live and sleep the pigeon sport. I started with pigeons in 1968 in Pennsylvania.

There was a break period from pigeons while I pursued my career. I have had pigeons for 10

years. I'm presently a life member of the AU.

I'm a very perfectionist person and rules, record keeping and or anything that applies to the

pigeon sport.

My nature is, If I tell you something it will be the truth, If I give you my word my word you will

have. If I make a decision I will remain with that decision; this is the type of person who is

conducting your race.

At the present time our lofts are located on 8 acres here in Central Massachusetts, the fly

course is from West to East. I want to assure all of you this will be one of the Best, Honest One

Loft Races one could enter their birds in. I promise,

"You have my Commitment and Word"


About Kripple Kreek Loft